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My consumer fraud awareness website has saved countless internet car buyers and sellers from fraud and bad sellers for over a decade. Yet I’ve been cyberstalked by company trolls trying to silence my consumer fraud awareness efforts! 😥

This website shares Doc’s story how eBay Inc allegedly targeted him with a cyberstalking campaign that’s still ongoing 8 years later. We’ve all read the DOJ Complaint how 6 former eBay executives and their team members went after a blogger and her husband in Natick MA. Believe me the Natick eBay arrests are merely the tip of the iceberg that sank the Titanic!

The U.S. Attorney arrests of six high level former eBay executives and team members last week proved the fortune 500 company will no longer get away with hate crimes against bloggers critics and naysayers in the private sector.

This blog documents more cyberstalking and bullying by the aforementioned company. They’ve been doing this to me for at least 8 years. Are they paying for this offshore cyberstalking website too? Shawn Hogan was offered an offshore server as well.

This site is also a mirror of ebaymotorssucks.com blog and phpBB forum that’s buried in search by Google, who also covers up fraud by hiding it in their indexes.

Google owned YouTube is a co-conspirator behind bullying and cyberstalking outspoken former sellers critics and naysayers. A willing partner in cyber-crime – YouTube refuses to remove bullying channels, videos, and creators that publish filth like this example.

Team eBay cyber-stalker Jason DeCanio threatening to call Doc’s pastor
ebay cyberstalking church
Trolls called my pastor trying to get me removed. It’s all about eBay!

These back door cyberterrorism acts should be investigated. Also of interest to anyone following this breaking news, the Natick bloggers web host was attacked by eBay in 2012!

In closing, it’s nobody’s fault but theirs they screwed the most trusted motor vehicle trading venue into the ground. Doc warned consumers to beware of fraud and has paid dearly for his efforts. Had execs listened to their early sellers eBay Motors would be the only trustworthy venue to trade vehicles on worldwide! BUT without it’s TRUST the motors venue is doomed.